Restructuring the Energy Market
A bright and clean planet in the longer run is our motive

India is a massive energy hungry nation and the need for its power is increasing with every passing second. Power is a necessity for not only 1.3 billion people but for different businesses and innumerable enterprises. We are currently heavily depending on fossil fuels to meet our power requirements but this ever increasing requirement cannot be fully served by conventional fuels. The power deficit is immense and is expected to worsen in the coming years if adequate measures are not taken immediately.

India is currently not focusing on replacing conventional fuels with renewable fuels which she would have loved to but is trying to tap renewable energy to meet the existing demand for power as utilization of fossil fuels to the fullest extent is an issue. Once the demand is met, only then can we try to stem the drainage of fossil fuels by replacing it with alternative fuels.

India is currently banking on research to find a solution to this problem. Huge amounts of fund have been allocated for innovation and testing facilities in the renewable energy domain at present.

The government is very much committed to build a world class infrastructure for a sustainable environment and also create a level playing field for global organizations to extend their research facilities in India and test it under torrid Indian conditions.

India wishes to become a global superpower in the renewable energy sector soon and is ready to go to any positive extent to materialize this vision.

Come and join India to build world class research and production facilities utilizing India’s most liberal policies on funding, land procurement and PPA’s. Be a part of the golden era and the revolution. 

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